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Don’t tell nobody by Tink ft Jeremih | Tj Medallo

COME OUT AND SUPPORT! it’s gonna be one of the biggest workshops Im teaching so far! Also I am super bless to be teaching along side these dope ass dancers!! You don’t wanna miss out on this I guarantee you.

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 Whattup tumblr! Me and Christina made this piece awhile back and decided.. hey why not just make into like a little fun video. Its nothing serious! Hope yall like it! I know the intro is the most but thats the point of it haha.Enjoy mines & Christina Simmons choreo to 2ON by Tinashe please like and share and reblog if yall like :)




“I also thank Angelina for dressing in hijab while she visited not just Iraqi refugees but refugees in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Not only did she look good in it, she showed respect and appreciation for their culture and religion and made sure that the focus was not on her looks but rather her mission.”

This photo carries so much emotion

I love Angelina so much

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why is underwear so expensive like wtf its a sheet of fabric that covers ur dinky doo 

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i can`t go to school mom the blankets have accepted me as one of their own if i leave now i might lose their trust.

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